Desktop and Web Releases (03-18-2019) Win v.6452 / Mac v.6507

Hello odrive users,

We’ve got a maintenance release with a bunch of fixes that also adds some additional capabilities for OneDrive and B2 users.

Server and Desktop (Win v.6452 / Mac v.6507):

  • OneDrive: access Shared With Me (and it’s no longer read-only)
  • B2: multipart upload to facilitate larger uploads
  • B2: can be used with application keys instead of just global keys
  • Various security fixes
  • (Desktop only) Fix issue with creating shared link from desktop client.
  • (Desktop only) Amazon Drive trash deletion fix
  • Other bug fixes

It’ll go out to the autoupdater in a day or two, or get it from here. Let us know if you’ve got any questions or run into any issues!


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