Introducing Premium Account Subscription

Hi everyone,

We are introducing new simplified pricing for odrive. Instead of selling separate add-ons, we are combining ALL features into a single premium subscription for just $8.25/month paid annually. For a complete list of free and premium features, or to upgrade your account, please visit:

Over the last two months, we tested several pricing models based on your feedback. The new, simplified plan is the result of those tests. It is easier to understand and more economical. And it lets us deliver the full odrive experience to as many people as possible.

You can upgrade to premium from any plan. You will receive a prorated credit when you upgrade to premium. Don’t worry about changing your mind. You have 30 days to cancel the upgrade for a full, automatic refund.

If you currently subscribe to multiple add-ons, upgrading to premium will automatically consolidate everything into the new low price.

odrive is just getting started. We have many new features in development including new backup and enterprise capabilities. Please stay tuned for more to come.




When upgrading, you will see two transactions:

  1. Prorated credit refunded to your credit card
  2. New $99 charge to your credit card

The billing system isn’t able to use your credit for the upgrade, but it all works out correctly.

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