Individual files don't sync from Google Drive although auto download is set to always

I am in the free premium test phase and would like to sync all files from two Google Drive accounts. I would like to be able to access all files while I am offline but even if I set Auto Download to “always download” and right click the Google Drive folder within the odrive folder on my Mac and then select “sync everything”, still many individual files don’t sync and have the .cloud extension. What do I need to do to sync everything on my Google Drive to my Mac HD?

Hi @peter5,
It is likely that you are hitting some exceptions when performing that bulk operation. Given that this is Google Drive, you are probably hitting rate limit exceptions (they are notorious for strict rate limits). Take a look at this post. It is regarding a Dropbox link, but the same underlying cause applies.

Hi Tom,

Perhaps you are true but what I don’t understand then is that if I again (and a day later again) select “sync” at root level of my Google Drive folder and select “include all subfolders”, the result is that the issue remains (.cloud files instead of a replica of the file on Google Drive). But if I select right click select sync on a single folder with some .cloud files in it, the system starts downloading the files from Google Drive. For me it seems that the implementation in your software of “include all subfolders” is for fully robust. Is there another way to trigger a full sync? (I tried refresh but that didn’t do anything) Kind regards, Peter

Hi @peter5,
It is likely that it syncs more items and then stops again due to exceptions.

The workaround is in the post I linked above. You can use the odrive CLI to basically force odrive to try until it is done. Please take a look at that post and let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Tony, it looks like this command in terminal does the trick. As I am reading in the forum the new release has been announced some time ago. Do you have a scheduled release date so essential stuff likes this is solved without using CLI?

Hi @peter5,
I’m glad to hear you got your files downloaded. As for the major release, please take a look at this thread: What’s the status of the ‘major release/revision’?