I'm Not Seeing Odrive Sign on Synced Folders and Files Anymore

Hello @Odrive,

Before, I used to see a kind of small circular red around folders and files which had been synced, which differentiates them from folders and files which are yet synced. However, I am not seeing anything like that anymore. I was wondering if that is how it is now or something is wrong on my side!

Hi @awoobforknowledge,

  • The odrive folders that are still placeholders (unsynced) will have a pinkish colored tab/border.
  • Files that are synced locally will have greenish colored checkmarks.
  • Folders that have files synced locally inside them and do not have any files that need to be uploaded, or files that are actively uploading, will show a greenish colored checkmark.

Are you seeing any of the above?

Thanks @Tony.

I am only the pinkish colored tab/border for folders that are placeholders and Odrive’s logo sign for placeholders/unsynced files.

However, I am not seeing the greenish colored checkmarks for files and folders you described above in your second and third points.


Hi @awoobforknowledge,
Do you still have the right-click context menu that allows for sync, unsync, share link, etc.?

Is this on Mac or Windows?

Yes, I still have it.
It is on Windows.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,

There are a couple of things we can look at/try.

  • Try performing a installation repair with the desktop installer.

  • This could be a result of overcrowding in the Windows registry for icon overlays. Take a look at this post for more information on that: Icon overlays not showing up in Windows

It is possible that the odrive icons are being superseded by another set of icons.

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Thanks a lot @Tony,

The installation repair with the desktop installer solved the problem.

Even though I think I don’t need the post link you gave above anymore, however, I want to make it known that it says I don’t have access to the topic.

Thanks so much.

Great! Thanks for the follow-up @awoobforknowledge.

I also corrected the link above. Thanks for letting me know.

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