Icon overlays not showing up in Windows


I am running Odrive 5453 on Windows 10 Family 64.
I have no issues with the contextual menus, unsynced forlders (.cloudf) are displayed just as expected with the special folder icon, but files icons in explorer dont show anymore whether a file is synced or not

Could you help on this?

Can you provide a screenshot so I make sure I understand the problem correctly?


Hi @Tony
Here are 2 screen shots

  • Unsynced folder (.cloudf files) appear correctly with their icon
  • Synced folders don’t show a Check mark on the icon
  • Synced files don’t appear with a check box showing it is synced

While syncing, the little pink icon appears sometime (pink circle on the folder or the file) but not always

Hope this helps clarify my issue.
Finally, looking at the windows explorer, I am always stressed to know if files are synced or not – and I have to check on the cloud drive to be sure before shutting down

Thanks by advance for your help

The right-click context menus do show up, correct?

Do you have any other applications installed that add icon overlays? Windows is notorious for having a limited number of “slots” for overlays and if other applications are installed that use them you can see icons not appearing, or appearing sporadically.

Hi @Tony
Yes, the right-click context menus show up fine - the only issue was overlay icons in explorer

I opened Regedit and changed the entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIcon‌​OverlayIdentifiers
I just added 2 spaces in front of the name of odrive entries so that they appear on top of the list
I restarted windows > The icons do appear correctly now ! cool

Here is a screenshot after my changes on regedit

Thanks for your help


Ahh… so we lost the secret overlay battle on your system. I guess we’ll have to look into modifying that so we come out in front again… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

5 years later in 2021, and this is still a valid reason why the overlays don’t show up. Thanks!

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