HubiC storage provider?

HubiC is one of the most affordable storage provider on the market (if not the best).
Could you please add it to odrive and let me know when this could be available for us ?

Many thanks.


Vincent, I can look into this but it would help if you reached out to them expressing your desire for such an integration. Thanks!

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Ok, no pb, I’ll do it.

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Wow never heard of hubiC but I decided to look them up on your recommendation vberruyer and they have some good plans. €5 which works out to $5.70 usd per month for 10TB of storage. I would have to wait a year or two to see if this company has staying power before I invested time and money uploading that large amount of data.

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Hubic is owned and run by OVH, one of europes largest Datacenters and Hosting Providers who currently serves 930.000 customers (check , they are not very likely to dissapear. They run several subsidiaries to the main OVH Datacenter/Hosting like Hubic, Kimsufi, SoYouStart, etc.

OVH also has an Object Storage offering which runs at £0.007 excl. VAT/month/GB which is Open Stack Powered.


Thanks for that info mikkie.

I really like HubiC too & have several accounts. They offer free storage with increases for referrals as well (up to 2.5 TB, I believe). Can you please integrate it to odrive soon?! I thought when I signed up today that odrive can work with any cloud storage, so I’m kind of disappointed that a number of my clouds aren’t connected. :confused:

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I want also HubiC to appear in the odrive app :slight_smile: Please!! 10TB a month for 5€, there’s nothing cheaper in the cloud hosting companies

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Actually there is Alexandro. Amazon Cloud Drive have an unlimited plan that is $69 per year ($5,75 per month), is $0,75 more, but is unlimited (bigger than 10TB). And Amazon is a realy trustful company. Trusted by Netflix, Dropbox, Airbnb and many others. Odrive is compatible with Amazon Cloud Drive! :slight_smile:

Well, HubiC it’s also from a trusty comapny, OVH, largest European hosting company and one of the biggest in the world. I tried that one from Amazon, but I don’t like the structure :S

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Actually rafhob,
AmazonCloud Drive is not available in every country (like mine), so it will be great to have HubiC in odrive.

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Jorge, Amazon Cloud Drive is not available in my country either. I’m from Brazil and my Amazon account was Brazilian. So i sent an email for Amazon asking to change my account for the US one. And now i’m using it normally.

+1 for HubiC, has been exceptional so far in the few months I’ve been using it.

+1 for hubiC - but: Maybe I will just switch to AmazonCloud Drive, hubic is not always 100% responsive.

I am using hubic like a redundant backup for my stuff, I am going to sign up for a storage VPS for my active files and connect it to odrive, notably from here: ( 7.99 euro for 4TB if paid for 2 yrs )


+1 for Hubic, a great European Cloud.

+1 for hubiC. There are appears to be an API vailable for 3rd part developers to integrate.

+1 - That’s would be great!

+1 for hubiC.
Amazon is not good for frequently u/d :confused:

Hi !
I’m actually migrating to Amazon Drive because i’m very desappointed by Hubic ! The bandwith is very bad, the web client does not support folder import, and all desktop clients are not very powerfull.
If you want upload several files that are big (5 or 10 GB), it will work.
But if you want to synchronise a lot of little files, it will be very, very, veryyyyyyy long … because you can upload just one file at once and the the second file waiting for the upload termination confirmation of the first to start. It’s this delay that takes time.
It’s been for nearly one year i have a hubic account. I’m waiting for migrating all my data to Amazon and i will say goodbye to Hubic.
For information, i only have 2TB to save.

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Great review about Hubic @jordan.lenuff! I use Amazon Cloud Drive and was thinking about migrating to Hubic. Your little review helped me making a decision to stay with Amazon for now. What I hate about Amazon Cloud Drive is that i cannot play an video file bigger than 2GB or 20min long on the web interface. It’s a pain in the neck because any 4k smartphone vídeo these days go beyond 2GB. This is for me the main problem with Amazon, they have a lot to improve on their cloud but unlimited storage is crazy good!!

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