HubiC storage provider?


Thank you @rafhob,
I only spoke about inconvients from Hubic. Maybe your playing video problem does not exist with Hubic. You can test it by creating a free account :
You can upload up to 25GB for free.
Have you encountered more issues with Amazon Drive ?


I will try Hubic with this free account. Thanks @jordan.lenuff!
Yes, i have more minor problems with ACD besides this one with vídeos. One that I really miss too is to see the folder info size and number of files inside that folder - It already has this possibility in files, but not in folders. Like file properties in an macOS (number of files and subfolders in a folder, total size, etc.). I would like to check if everything was uploaded correctly.


What do you mean by “ACD” ? (im french, surely im lacking english !)
For Amazon Drive, I like the client desktop. It shows you which files failed and suggest to try again easily. So, I don’t really need the number of files or other infos. With Hubic, you also dont have this possibility.


I don’t use Amazon desktop client anymore, just odrive. I trust odrive to do the sync and backup, but would be interesting for me that Amazon web interface have this folder info/properties, just for the peace of my mind. By the way, ACD is a shorten name for Amazon Cloud Drive. :wink:


ACD … :laughing: Ho My…

Here an example of the web interface of my Hubic account :

As you can see, no more information about folder than ACD …

Another issue i encountered yesterday : the download of data !
I selected a folder to download, so Hubic made a zip file. There was two issues :

  • the download speed was limited at 1024 kB
  • once the download completed, the zip file was corrupted. :angry:
    It happened twice on two diffrent folders.

I’m really fed up of Hubic …

EDIT : another error in trying to dowload with the web client Hubic :


And here an example of trying to download a save from Swift Explorer Client :

I was unable to recover my save…


So I’ll be stuck on Amazon Cloud Drive for now. Thanks for showing me this @jordan.lenuff. This errors are basic and what’s is the point of having a cloud that you cannot download properly a file, right? :laughing:


I just moved 5tb from Hubic to ACD. I found Hubic too unusable. Impossibly slow to rename, delete or move files on the cloud. The OSX destop client unreliable, downloads corrupted. Even when I tried deleting everything before closing my account there were file’s I couldnt remove due to ‘permission’ errors or bad http responses. I’m glad to see the back of it.


Good information @andrewnorton! Did you use a web service or site to do this data migration between cloud services? Or you uploaded all 5tb again to the cloud?


I just re-uploaded it again. It actually took me almost as long to delete the data from Hubic as it did to upload it to ACD!

I took the opportunity to cleanse the data a bit and the bottom line was I just didnt have the faith in the integrity of the Hubic data anyway. I used a combination of the Amazon uploader tool and Odrive



After Amazon has ended unlimited plans, many of us are searching new cloud provider. I did find out that hubic could be quite cost effective solution for our problem now, also OVH behind it is quite big so I don’t see any massive problems there.

We really would like to see HUBIC integration on oDrive. It seems that they have public API ready, so integration that should not be a problem.

  • Semi


I support this request.

Actually, like possibly many others, I chose odrive only because of the convenience it gave to Amazon unlimited backup.

Now, as Amazon is pricing itself out of the market, odrive lacks justification for me. I might still use it because I am used to it but only if it either supports other than Amazon alternatives, or at least does not interfere too much with them.

HUBIC is fine but has a 10 MB/s throttle-neck; at the moment I am testing it for usability.


Around 1 year ago, I supported hubic here on this thread and I was using it myself, today I say: Stay away from hubic, it is simply not reliable, lot of glitches and there is no support, but maybe a little bit if you speak and write French…

I’m sorry I don’t remember the details of my frustration, but slow speeds was 1 of them…


I tried Hubic and can only re-emphasize what others said earlier: stay away from Hubic! Fortunately I have subscribed only to their monthly plan.

It takes forever to get 4TB through their tiny bandwidth … I tried it from work (where I got lots of bandwidth with stability) and never managed to upload everything within 2 months!

Now they cancelled my account (I got some French warning; at least this is what I now believe it was); athough my cc details never changed.

The worst thing is if you are believe you are save, and actually are not.

Maybe odrive with hubic support would have worked better; but that would not resolve their bandwidth/communication/payment problem.


The bandwith problem at hubic is mainly a problem for everyone outside Europe/France, because their servers a centralized there. It’s the same vice-versa, when a cloud is just centralized in the States or Asia for an European.

Actually, I still would love to see hubic be included in odrive, even though I don’t use them primarily (but their cheap storage is a good thing for hosting larger file projects I don’t need to often).


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