How to use odrive with Office

I want to be able to open files in the cloud with odrive and then close them and have be unsynced. I do not mind th edld time but do not want every file I edit to have to be synced and then unsynced.

The challenge is that Office does not see the cloud files. Is there some way to work around this?

I am having a bit fo trouble figuring out to access files from Office programs. Since you append .cloud and .cloudf, how do I open files (;cloud) using the recently opened list conveniently since every file winds up with two names—one when synced and one when unsynced.

I meant to reply sooner to this, but I was experimenting with options.

The way our extension is coded, it should work inside the Office file pickers, but it is not. You can see that other apps do, like Wordpad. We are looking to see if there are ways to overcome this.

In the meantime, you can try the following:
When you have the file picker open in the Office app, make sure you select All Files from the extension filter:

Then, you can see the .cloud and .cloudf placeholders. If you want to open a docx placeholder, for example, you can then right-click-> open. This should sync the file down and then try to open it with Word.

Word will throw an error stating that it can’t open it because a dialog box is open (its the file picker we are using right now):

But, if you dismiss that pop-up, you will find that the docx is now synced and can be opened.

The same principle applies to .cloudf files (folders). This method is not ideal, but it can be used as a workaround for now.

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Well, that does work. A bit awkward but works.

I am an experienced software person and would be happy to helop in way I can to get this fixed.

You do know that file manager has a field to show if an item is offline or not. Microsoft stopped using it when they dropped placeholders. Perhaps you can make use of that rather than having to add an extension on all the files in odrive??