Poor Integration With Windows Applications - Can use with Windows Application Save As and File Open Dialogs

I’m wondering if there is some way to configure O Drive to better integrate with Windows. I would like to be able to save a document to a cloud service using O Drive. But most of the folders are not available when doing a save-as in from a Windows application. I have to first open the O Drive directory in Windows Explorer and navigate to the location in Windows Explorer to change the directory placeholders into folders.

It seems I can set a folder to sync just the directories but not the files which gets me part way there.

But I can’t access file stubs from a Windows application Open-File dialog window. I don’t want to have to sync everything from all cloud services to my local computer. Space management is one of the features I like about O Drive. But I would like to be able to see and select stubs from the Open Files dialog of Windows applications.

Is there anyway to get windows to recognize O Drive stubs, be able to select it in an open-file dialog, and have it download and open in the application?

Hi @peaston,
This is currently a limitation in some applications with the odrive shell extensions (right-click options). I posted a possible work-around, that requires a little bit of leg work, using a script I created for folks using screen readers. You can take a look here:

There is also an additional workaround example listed here: