How to disable double sync in 2 different locations

Hey hey,

yesterday I tried odrive for the first time and I’m really satisfied with it until now. But when I link my dropbox account with it and use the auto-upload function for camera pics in dropbox, all pics will be synced with my camera-uploads folder in dropbox on drive d and additionally in my odrive folder on drive c. That means I always have to the delete them manually from drive c.

Why doesn odrive do that?

Hi @JackTorrence,

Sorry for the confusion, In your case, there is no data uploaded by odrive but listed (or possibly downloaded based on your app settings) since new files are added into your Dropbox account. Please don’t delete files from odrive folder until needed otherwise it also cause files deletion from Dropbox when you empty trash using tray menu.

We will recommended you to only use odrive to avoid data replication in your drive C:/ (odrive) and drive D:/ (dropbox). Please read the post below:

Learn more about odrive here:



Hej @AsifNisarr

Something’s not working. Maybe I have to explain myself a littlebit better: I have my Dropbox Folder on drive D. odrive is on drive C. So the camera-uploads folder is in my Dropbox Folder on drive D aswell. Dropbox (and all other clients) is disabled. I only have odrive running. So when I take a picture (or video) with my smartphone, the auto upload to drobox starts, odrive noticed that there’s a new file coming to my dropbox account and then odrive saves it either on drive c (in the ordive folder), on drive D in my camera uploads folder or in both folders.

Edit: Ok, I just noticed that I run out of my premium-trial and that all of my synced folders are now unsynced, so odrive is now useless for me. Too bad, because I thought file-syncs on different drives is free.

Hi @JackTorrence,
It may no longer be an issue for you, but it sounds like you may have had sync rules set on both the “sync to odrive” folder and the default odrive folder.

When you use “sync to odrive” (syncing external folders), you are creating an alternate view of a remote folder, so it is possible to see your cloud data in two spots on your computer:

  1. Inside the default odrive folder in your user profile directory. ($HOME\odrive)
  2. Inside the “sync to odrive” folder that you created.

To prevent downloading data in both, you would most likely want to unsync the folder inside the default odrive folder.