Deleting Onedrive or Dropbox app

Should I delete the Dropbox / Onedrive / Gdrive app once I am using Odrive

Yes, you can uninstall any cloud software for sources which you can link with odrive. For example, if you have Dropbox installed and odrive, the same files would exist synchronized locally within your dropbox folder and also within your odrive folder (though when they exist as placeholder files in odrive, they take up hardly any space). Since you don’t need two sync clients to the same backend, you could just use odrive.

Well, odrive can also be run side by side with Dropbox / OneDrive / Google Drive desktop apps but if you would like to just keep the odrive; its absolutely possible. odrive will provide access to all your data in these sources with sync capabilities.

Please let me know if you have any questions


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What is the safe procedure to get rid of the original local sync of my Dropbox account? I wish to keep only the odrive local sync, but if I delete something on the local Dropbox folder the deletion will propagate to the cloud – and from there to all my devices – and to the odrive folder.

Am I doing right by

  1. Uninstalling the Dropbox desktop app – and only afterwards
  2. Deleting the local Dropbox folder?

Another doubt: many of my Dropbox folders are shared with other people: what happens if I move them to odrive? Will the folder still be shared with those people?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Your steps are correct. The important thing to note is that you do not want to delete anything out of the Dropbox folder while it is running, as their client can pick this up and sync it.

All of the sharing you already have setup will still exist. The Dropbox service remains as it was, you are just now using odrive to access it instead of their own client.