How in the world can I use local FTP in client Windows app?

I cannot for the life of my connect the desktop sync app to ftp. Whenever I click sign in, it takes me to sign in with only few options all of which are cloud storages, none ftp. Its super frustrating. All I ask is sync with my local ftp.

Hi @2goodname22,

The choices of authentication provider are what you see when you click to sign in. This is a different list from the available storage account types you can link to your odrive account once you’ve created your user account. Once you’ve created your user and signed in, you should see your odrive home page which looks like this:

So for example, I can create a new user which uses Google Drive as my sign-in provider. Now that I’ve created the user and signed in, I can now click on the “+ Link Storage” link to add more storage. You will see FTP on that list.

There may be some additional complications due to networking if you are linking a local FTP server that is not internet accessible. When you select to connect to an FTP source and enter your server info with local network address, you may see a message such as “The FTP server could not validate these credentials. You may still be able to connect. Do you want to continue?” since odrive will attempt to connect to your FTP server to establish the connection first. However, since it is not accessible outside of your network, you will need to just hit “Continue Anyway” to save the configuration. Sync will then work on your computer when you are in your local network and your computer can communicate with your local FTP server. If your local FTP server is fully internet accessible to the outside world, you won’t have to worry about this step.

Let us know if this answers your questions or if you run into any problems getting set up.


Yes I know that. I have also tried a public internet accessible ftp. My question is that how can I make my ftp appear in Desktop Client App. The client app doesn’t mount ftp storage, it only signs in and mount cloud storages.

Like I have linked ftp. Then I open odrive sync app, click sign in, sign in with my Google account and… I expect my ftp to show up on client app but no, only gdrive of Google account shows up even tho ftp is linked in my odrive account. Can you guide me step by step? You can use some public ftp server for demo.

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Awesome. If you’ve gotten through the linking process and see the links on your odrive home (web client), then they should show up on your desktop client location, too. Sometimes it can take a couple of seconds. You can browse out and back in (or refresh) to see if the FTP folders appear then. It shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds, though.

If you’ve got your file explorer open to the odrive folder, can you do a right-click → Refresh (the refresh option one with the odrive logo next to it) and see if that helps?

If it doesn’t work, can you go to the odrive tray menu and select to “send diagnostics” (How do I send a diagnostic?) and let us know so we can follow up.


I tried again and today it worked! Thanks