How do I install odrive Agent on Ubuntu Linux?

I use Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and I have no idea how to install the odrive client for my computer. Please help as I would love to continue paying for this product. (it’s awesome!)

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Please take a look at our usage guide here for Linux instructions for odrive Agent:

I have not tested against Ubuntu 16.04 yet, but it should work just fine.

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Guide for installing on Linux

Quick video walking through the Linux installation

After installing, you want to go through these steps to auth, mount, and start using odrive sync

Hi Tony,

I am struggling to make odrive work in Ubuntu 22.04 1 LTS.

I have created a user, connected my accounts, downloaded and installed the linux package. From this point on, I do not find the instructions in the installation pages helpful (Set Up Your odrive) the video is unfortunately not available any more.

Does Odrive work on Linux? Do synced drives appear in the file system and can be used as local drives? I am interested expecially in Google Shared drives.


Hi @daniele.e.grasso,
I’ve updated the links above. Can you check them out and see if it provide enough information for you to get things setup on your system?

Hi @Tony thanks a lot, despite the part on the left being really tiny I could make out what part of the page you were referring to and I got to the point where I can see all folders and files as placeholders. What I would like to do now is to be able to open files normally as I would do locally and to save them back in the respective drives. According to this page on placeholders, clicking on a file downloads it. Unfortunately on Ubuntu when I double click on a placeholder I get a similar message: Screenshot from 2022-08-23 19-18-28

Hi @daniele.e.grasso,
The linux agent and CLI are written for command-line access, primarily, so they don’t have a built-in way to provide a desktop UI interface like Windows and Mac do.

An odrive user has done some work to create a nautilus integration for odrive, however. You can view the thread for it here: