Odrive Linux GUI integration

Dear odrive team and community.
It’s been a while I’ve been working (sporadically) on a linux odrive integration to the Desktop Environment.

Initially thinking about a GUI daemon to handle this task, interfacing to the odrive binary, i rapidly switched to a quicker integration into nautilus, thanks to nautilus-python extension.

Currently in the early stages, I have base capabilities covered (with probably a lot of bugs and issues) but at least it covers the very basics.

If you are interested and want to join your programmatic knowledge to my current project, please get to https://github.com/cazzoo/odrive-nautilus-integration.
This is an open-source project, so please comply with its model. Feel free to contribute, submit PR or create issues I could rely on to implement missing features (I know there are a lot at this moment, so please forgive me).

Happy to hear about any of your feedback.



Thanks @cazzoo!

I have also cross-posted this to the Linux GUI feature request thread.