How can someone that received a public share link download everything at once?

I run a small photography business and part of my workflow is saving a customer’s photos in OneDrive then sending them a public (view only) link to this folder.

When they go to that link using their browser, they’re able to view their photos and they’re able to download all files at once.

When the customer clicks on the Download button, a zipped file is generated that automatically starts downloading to their computer. This compressed folder contains all the files that were in the folder shared.

When I view the odrive share link, I don’t see a way to download all at once. I don’t even see a way to select multiple files to download multiple files at a time.

Am I missing something? Or is this not an available feature?

Every other cloud service seems to have this feature and it seems like it’d be fairly easy to implement.

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We do have a “download all” feature, but it is currently only available in the Google Chrome browser.

Additionally, we have a free “Spaces” feature that allows users to add a shared location as a folder within the odrive desktop client. This allows those who have been added to the share to interact with the files, natively, within Finder and Explorer. You can learn more about this here:


One more thing… usage of odrive doesn’t preclude your use of OneDrive like you were using it before. If you needed to use odrive’s desktop sync client on your side for syncing with your computer but when it came down to sharing download links you wanted to use OneDrive’s webclient to create a shared link, you could do so. It’s better if you don’t have to do that, of course. But if your customers aren’t on the Chrome browser or don’t want to become odrive users, and this is the last thing you need to get what you need to do completed, then you always have options.



Ah that’s exactly what I was looking for, it’s just a shame that it only works in Chrome.

Take this as a feature request/suggestion then, I would really like to be able to use odrive from beginning to end of my workflow, mainly because of the fact that I’m able to password protect a link. Plus I’d like to have one central place to manage my generated links rather than having to go back and forth between OneDrive’s site and odrive’s site.

I’m aware of Spaces, but that doesn’t really work in this situation since these will be links generated for a client to download a file once.

I love your application, keep it up!


That’s a great point, I think I’ll do this for now. Though I would really like to eventually go all in with odrive.

Another reason why I prefer odrive is that OneDrive for Business is finicky when it comes to public/external sharing. It makes me want to gauge my eyes out.


Hi there, this post seems relevant to my question. I have found the download all button in Google Chrome, but when ever I press it on a link I have been sent it only downloads the bottom-most item on the list and none of the other items. Is there an issue in programming, or am I missing something?

Hi @irocksocksoff,
Unfortunately Chrome removed the ability that we were using to do this.

Hi @Tony,
Thank you so much for the reply. With this information, I found a portable version of an older version of Chrome so I could use this feature for this purpose when I need.
I hope the intention is to make this feature available in some manor in the future, however this work-around will suffice.

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Thanks for the update @irocksocksoff. I’m glad you found a way to make it work for you for now.

odrive2 has a new web interface that uses a different method for downloading and allows for multiple downloads in all browsers. We just released an initial version of it at It doesn’t have the same share link feature, yet, but you can create a “Shared Drive” which can be used in a similar fashion.