How are threshold options configured from cli?

Below is my sync status. I’d like to be able to set autoTrashThreshold to immediately & placeholderThreshold to alwaysDownload. I’ve searched high and low but can’t for the life of me find any documentation on configuring these option via cli. I’m also unsure of the exact syntax that needs to be used.

I’d really appreciate any insight the community can provide.

isActivated: True
hasSession: True
accountType: CloudDrive
syncEnabled: True
version: prod 999
placeholderThreshold: neverDownload
autoUnsyncThreshold: never
downloadThrottlingThreshold: unlimited
uploadThrottlingThreshold: normal
autoTrashThreshold: never
Mounts: 1
xlThreshold: never
Backups: 0

Sync Requests: 0
Background Requests: 0
Uploads: 0
Downloads: 0
Trash: 0
Waiting: 0
Not Allowed: 0

Hi @joeargyle,
Sorry for the confusion on this. Those options aren’t accessible via the CLI right now, but we should be able to get them in in the next release.

That would be great. Do you have an estimate release date?

Hi @joeargyle,
Sorry for the late reply. I missed this.

I am hoping for sometime in the next two weeks.

I noticed there have been a number or releases lately. Were these features added? I don’t see mention of them in the release notes.

Hi @joeargyle,
The agent with these new features is still going through QA, but should be released early this week.

Sorry for the delay.

Hi @joeargyle ,
We released the new versions today: