Sync Agent and CLI Releases (04-23-2021) Linux, Mac, Windows

Linux 64bit v1016 / Windows v951 / Mac v963

This release bring the Linux 64bit, Windows, and Mac agents** in-line with the current desktop client and adds some notable features and improvements:

  • Support for setting odrive “rules” (autounsync, autodownload, autotrash, and folder sync rules).
    • autounsyncthreshold - Set rule for automatically unsyncing files that have not been modified with a certain amount of time
    • autotrashthreshold - Set rule for automatically emptying the odrive trash
    • placeholderthreshold - Set rule for automatically downloading files within a certain size when syncing/expanding a folder
    • foldersyncrule - Set rule for automatically syncing new remote content. This is usually used after recursively syncing a folder
  • Significant enhancements to sync activity logging (main.log)
  • New Procore integration
  • Encryptor: Ability to disable encrypted names
  • Blacklisting: Ability to override system default blacklist items
  • Many more new advanced configuration options, including adjusting conflict handling behavior and setting additional custom blacklist options.
  • Loads of performance enhancements, safety features, integration improvements, and bug fixes.

**ARM and Linux 32 releases pending