Hi, first time here.. wanted to buy a plan, but No paypal sadly D;

I always use paypal to buy anything online because it control financially
I hate using credit card


Thanks for your feedback. Offering Paypal support is something we’ve discussed as a possibility, but no formal plans at this time.

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I to would like PayPal support if I ever was to pay for odrive.

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+1 for Paypal.

I really enjoy this service so despite the fact that I dont really enjoy adding my CC besides paypal, I went for the premium features (mainly because of the storage release thanks to the placeholders) and I would also add that once we have paid with the credit card it would be nice to be able to delete it from the account (does not seem possible without cancelling the sub :-/ ).

There’s more information on this thread on how you can use PayPal Key to generate a virtual credit card number which you can use to pay for odrive Premium using your PayPal account: