Has Odrive somehow changed it's licensing policy?

Hello all,

since today I have the problem that Odrive only allows one instance.
To explain: I wanted to move away from Amazon Cloud Drive to the WASABI cloud storage presented here. Therefore, I have created an additional local user on my computer, which downloads the contents of my entire cloud storage from Amazon through Odrive while I can continue to work under my “normal” user account.

So far this worked without any problems, but since today, more exactly 15 min ago for the first time, I could not start Odrive under my second local account. Odrive brings the error message: “Another instance of Odrive is already running. Exiting… To run this version please exit odrive and try again”.

This frustrates me a lot, as Odrive still hasn’t implemented the long announced local copy feature, so the way I went about moving the cloud storage was the only possible way and I’ve been a paying subscriber for years.

Are there others here who have gotten the same problem or am I alone. Then maybe it’s my system…

Many greetings Randolf

Hi @randolf.hoffmann,
Apologies for the inconvenience on this. This is a byproduct of a recent check that was added to make sure a user is not running odrive more than once (which could cause some issues with the instances competing with each other), but we should be restricting that check to the current user. We’ll correct that so that processes running on the same machine, but for a different user, will not be counted in the check.

I am actually not clear on why you need to use two different users to download your files. Can you elaborate on that?

Can you explain this more? Which feature are you referring to?

Hi @randolf.hoffmann,
Our latest release addresses this issue. Thanks for reporting it and for your patience while we addressed it.