Desktop Release (02-11-2021) Win v.6879 / Mac v.6984

Hi odrive users,

We have a new release out now with some integration fixes, CLI improvements, performance tweaks, and other miscellaneous goodies:

Win v.6879 / Mac v.6984

  • Integration fixes:
    • Procore: adjustment for trashing errors for items that cannot be trashed
    • Procore: fix for move operations into the root of company documents or the root of a project
    • Reference alternate modification time metadata to prevent false-positive “older version” detection.
    • Amazon Drive: adds a second fallback method for failed downloads
    • Amazon Drive: rate limit handling tweaks
  • Blacklisting: Ability to override system default blacklist items with these advanced config options: blackListExtensionsRemove, blackListNamesRemove, blackListPrefixesRemove
  • CLI: new command backupnow to run backups immediately
  • CLI: fix for removing backup jobs via CLI
  • Allow duplicate odrive processes if they are running under different users (logged in as another user on the same machine and also running odrive)
  • New premium config setting to tune detection of remote changes remoteScanIntervalMins (default 840 which is every 14 hours).
    • This is mainly for sources which do not have dedicated API calls for change detection.
    • Changing this setting should only be done after discussion with our support team. Send us an email at if you have questions about how to use this setting for your particular situation. Additional information can be found in our documentation page for this setting.
  • Performance tuning changes.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Grab the new release here before it goes out to the autoupdater (it may be a little while before we push this one out). Let us know if you’ve got any questions or other feedback!