Google Drive Backup and Sync (Computer folders)

Do you have any time frame for making odrive work with the new G Drive features? It presently will only see the legacy “Google Drive” and not see the new, more flexible means of syncing local files to G Drive.

Update: With support for Google’s new “shortcuts”, odrive can gain access to the “Computers” folders by creating shortcuts from the “Computers” folders to your main Google Drive.

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Hi @michael3,
The new “Backup and Sync” feature that Google has introduced stores the data in a location that is not listed under the normal Google Drive hierarchy. This folder is not discoverable via the Google Drive APIs, so odrive doesn’t have a way to see it, yet.

Hi Tony,
Please keep us updated on whether files on Google Drive can still be accessed going forward (the app will stop working on March 12, 2018).

Hi @hh3stuff,
We use the official Google Drive API for Google Drive access, which is still fully supported and will be for a long time, as far as I am aware.

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Multiple sources show G Drive is ending in March 2018.

Hi @michael3,
They are sunsetting their current Google Drive desktop apps and replacing them with their new desktop apps, but they are not shutting down Google Drive service or the Google Drive API interface.

If you already use odrive for Google Drive access, instead ofGoogle’s desktop apps, then you won’t have to do anything.

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