GoDaddy OneDrive for Business. What am I doing wrong?

  1. Please understand that I am NOT using oDrive to see all my cloud stuff in one place on my PC. I’m looking in the other direction: I want to use oDrive as a way to sync parts of my NAS storage UP to my various cloud accounts.
  2. I am a Premium subscriber, using Windows 10.
  3. I have a good internet connection … ~100/10 Mbps on Comcast.

I have a NAS share mapped as drive Y: on my PC. Y: contains three folders, each with subfolders and files, of course. All together Y: contains about 8 GB of data in ~3,000 files sprinkled throughout ~250 folders. These files run the gamut of file types, but about 80% are PDFs.
My goal is to use oDrive to sync Y: to my MS OneDrive storage so I have an off-site copy that will be self-maintaining when I add, change, or delete files on Y:

I have had oDrive syncing now for about 24 hours, with bandwidth throttling turned off, and here are some things I see.

a) in the “Syncing Changes (10)” list I see plenty of activity that looks appropriate, but from time to time I will see a particular file repeating. Checking both source (Y:) and target (OneDrive) shows the file to be there, and neither has been edited in the interim.

b) The list of “Waiting (xxx)” files has held the same number - 578 - for about the last 8 hours. Also, it contains items that I have seen syncing in the “Syncing Changes (10)” list, and that I know are already in both source and target.

c) No blue synced “badges” appear on the file or folder icons in Windows Explorer.

d) The round pink oDrive syncing-in-progress icon does show on files and folders during their syncs, and they disappear when the sync completes. (This seems normal to me, but that is an assumption…)

I need to know if some or all of this is normal, and, if it is not, what I am doing wrong.

Hi @wpf848,
Can you send over a diagnostic? I can take a look to see if there is anything going on behind the scenes. Are you still seeing new files show up on the OneDrive side, or does it seem to be stuck without any progress at this point?

My instincts tend toward stuck. Most - probably 80-90% - of these files were already uploaded manually into Amazon drive and OneDrive before I even learned the oDrive exists. (Your sync capabilities under Premium are just what I was looking for …)

Diags on the way

Hi @wpf848,
This is an error we really need to do a better job of surfacing… and we will in the next major release.

It looks like OneDrive is reporting that you are out of cloud storage. Can you double-check this on the OneDrive web client?

OneDrive says I have 1,016 GB of my allotted 1,024 GB free, so storage space shouldn’t be a problem. :slight_smile:
FWIW, I’m using OneDrive through an Office365 subscription, which provides 1 TB of space.

I dug around in the folders quickly, and my guess is that the stuff now in OneDrive is what I uploaded before I discovered oDrive. Some recent additions to the local folders have not been uploaded during the long, but unfruitful, efforts oDrive made over the last day +.

Hmm, if you are using Office 365, that would be a OneDrive for Business account link rather than a OneDrive account link (confusing, I know). It looks like you have OneDrive linked and not OD4B, so that may be what is causing the space limit exception that OneDrive is throwing. Normal OneDrive Free has a 5GB quota. You can probably double-check this by going to the normal OneDrive web client (not Office 365).

Can you try adding a OneDrive for Business link to your odrive, and login with your Office 365 credentials? Don’t unlink the current OneDrive account because, if your “sync to odrive” folder is mapped to the OneDrive account, I don’t want to cause any complications by removing that source.

Once your OD4B (Office 365) account is linked, you can right-click->“remove sync” on the “sync to odrive” folders you have setup against OneDrive, and then right-click->“sync to odrive” on them again, but this time pointing to the OD4B linked storage. Basically re-setting them up against the correct storage.

Just let me know if you have any questions on this.

Ok, Tony, I have been studying things and found that you are right, I did have the personal OneDrive connected to oDrive. I have cleaned out that personal storage completely.

Then I went and did what you asked me in bold type to NOT do!! Ugh. (Too much time between reading that before breakfast and tackling all this after lunch.) I am not concerned about losing data because I have offline, disconnected copies of the folders on the NAS (Y:).

Anyway, one problem was that I could not control which OD account I was logging into since both use the same email address and the same password, and I dare not change the PW on the personal OD for fear of it also changing my Office365 credentials since that is tied to the same email address. (If there is a way to separate what seems to be two accounts, but is uncertain to me, I do not know how to do that.).

After I unlinked personal OD, I tried to add (Link) my OD4B account but nothing happens. A screen refresh of the browser did not yield any change, and logging out and back in on the oDrive account also did nothing. It tries to authorize, but apparently fails … there is no feedback to tell me what happens or fails.

A reinstall/repair of the odrivesync.exe ran smoothly, but again I am not getting Mange Storage to link to OD4B.

The folders formerly linked to oDrive do not show any indication in Windows Explorer that they are now linked.

Hi @wpf848,
You don’t happen to have an Office 365 account though GoDaddy, do you? There is some issue with authenticating through a GoDaddy O365 account that I haven’t been able to get a user to work with me on. If this is the case, I could definitely use your help to track down the issue and give that info to the Microsoft team … :slight_smile:

If not, can you try authenticating again and then let me know approximately what time you did so? I can have the ops team take a look at some logs to see what the problem may be.

Yup! … it’s a GoDaddy account.
I’ll be glad to work with you on it … tell me how/when.

Tony, I had another thought. I authenticate to oDrive using a Gmail account. My primary email account is an account through GoDaddy, which also authenticates the Office365, OD4B, my email, etc. etc. etc. Would oDrive be happier if I use my normal email address instead of the Gmail one?

Hi @wpf848,
It actually doesn’t matter which account you use to auth. The links are all treated independently of each other and of the authenticating account.

Thanks for you offer of help in troubleshooting this. I need to revisit my notes on this, since I haven’t taken a look in a little while. I plan on PMing you tomorrow.


Are you making any progress on this? If not, I am available to help w/ GoDaddy. If you send me an email that I can actually respond to outside the public forum we could arrange a 3-way tech call w/ GoDaddy to just finish this off.

Hi @wpf848,
Apologies for not replying sooner.

I was able to reproduce this and look into it more. Unfortunately GoDaddy has a “special” version of Office 365 and it cannot be used with Microsoft’s OAuth mechanism. The login process actually passes through GoDaddy authentication and Microsoft authentication, so it is a complex path. I am keeping it on my radar and waiting for a response from GoDaddy on a couple of things, but I don’t foresee us being able to integrate properly with GoDaddy’s special version anytime soon. :frowning:

That’s a serious UGH!
Ok, so … can you dream up any manual way to bridge through the authorizations that would be a viable work-around? I’d really like to use that unlimited storage in OD4B rather than pay extra to use the less-capable OneDrive Personal.

Hi @wpf848,
There isn’t a way to coax odrive to link these GoDaddy accounts, unfortunately.

Have you considered Office 365 from Microsoft directly? This plan, for example, is $10/month and includes 5 accounts with 1TB of storage each. With odrive you can actually link all 5 and make use of that 5TB :slight_smile:

Well, I have things otherwise working the way I want them using the GoDaddy bundle of Microsoft Office services I like/want/need. I’m not going to pay another $100+ per year for another copy of Office365, which I already have in the GoDaddy implementation, just to get my $100 investment in oDrive Pro to work the way I’d like (which, I realize, is non-standard).

I searched online pretty carefully before I bought into oDrive Pro and this is the only solution that comes close to what I want … tantalizingly close. Since the GoDaddy wrinkle has blocked my goal, I’ll just mark it up to a learning experience, and check in September to see if this oddity has been solved by oDrive or by GoDaddy. If not, I’ll just let the oDrive subscription lapse.

Thanks for trying, Tony.

Hi @wpf848,
I was thinking more that you would replace the GoDaddy offering with the official Microsoft offering, but I realize that switching everything over is a pain.

I will continue to push on this with Microsoft and GoDaddy and see what comes of it.

Just a brainstorm about the workaround you requested: OneDrive allows/allowed us to share folders with other people, including upload (write) access. Perhaps you should share that out to yourself at another email address. That may or may not solve your GD authentication problem but you would know which OneDrive resource you were using.

I found myself also with the same credentials on a OneDrive Personal (5GB) and a OneDrive For Business (1TB). The Personal was not worth the confusion so I followed the process for closing the account. It takes 90 days of non-use before Microsoft deletes it, so I can’t say I am completed yet but ODrive is no longer connected to that account.

Another idea is to use WebDAV to access the OneDrive For Business account. ODrive can then authenticate via WebDAV. Note that Onedrive Personal and Business have been/are different products and work differently. Here’s someone offering WebDAV access

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Thanks for those ideas, drbx. That is very helpful info. Traveling right now but I will try those when I return.

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