Gmail permission?

I just registered in Odrive, but there are a few issues which seem me a showstoppers:

  1. Odrive asked for permission to “Read, send, delete, and manage your email”, i.e. “View, manage, and permanently delete your mail in Gmail”.
    There is no chance I’ll provide such permission for a new service.
  2. I use Idrive and Mega for online backups, there is no Odrive integration for them

Odrive is very useful service; I hope these issues will be addresses.

Regards, Vitaly

You are right, we shouldn’t be requesting those permissions. Gmail is a read-only source for us, so we only have need to readonly auth scopes. We don’t even have any methods to modify remote Gmail data (and don’t want to). I will look into this.

Update: This has been addressed

There are requests for Idrive and Mega in our feature requests category:
Idrive: Any support for iDrive planned?
Mega: Please add MEGA as an integration

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