G Suite Team Drive Integration

My company uses G suite and has started to utilize the new Team Drives in Google. These do not show up in my desktop sync and I was wondering if there was a plan in the near future to be able to access it.


Hi @jonathan,
I’ve moved this to a feature request.

We’ve looked at Team Drive a bit. I think official info for the API integration was released only within the last week or so.

New integration work is currently suspended while we work on the core app, but we will take a more thorough look once that finishes.

I know it’s a new feature in Google Drive, but came here to try odrive for the first time, without team drive sync it doesn’t help me out. Just additional feedback. Deal breaker without it :frowning:

I talked to Google and unfortunately not even their desktop drive platform will let you access the team drives. I had to migrate everything back.

I just got a notification that ExpanDrive has integrated Team Drives. Any word on when Odrive will?

+1 on the feature request. This would be a very useful addition.

I use Google drive stream, the beta for Google drive for early adopters. It gives you sync/unsync capabilities as well as team drive access. I think the most updated Google drive also gives you team access now.

+1 for this functionality. Will definitely have to try out ExpanDrive in the meantime though!

We’ve just implemented team drives. Now much of my documents are on one or more team drives. Without team drive support O Drive is of much less value. Hope including support for Google Team Drives is a priority.

We really need Team Drive integration. This is a MUST have!

I’ve been a satisfied premium-subscription customer for two and a half years. I really hope that you can find a way to make O Drive work with G Suite Team Drives. Since my company moved to Team Drives, O Drive have been far less useful. I’m not actively looking for other solutions and am unlikely to renew my subscription when my current term expires. I’ve already disabled automatic renewal.

I realize that integration with Google Team Drives may be outside of O Drive’s control—but I do hope that this is a priority and that something can be worked out soon.

Hi @MNBlockhead,
My apologies for the inconvenience. It is something we plan to add, but I don’t have a timeline to give for it yet.

I agree with the others. I would really need an integration with Team Drive too.

Whats the timeline on this? I assumed Team Drive would sync but its not showing up, this is a dealbreaker for me too, otherwise I’ll just go back to my work arounds :frowning:

Hi @elizabeth,
We don’t have a timeline yet, unfortunately.

OK… so this is now a priority for us as a company. Is there even any conversation about this internally? We want to implement oDrive across the team here and we can’t until Team Drives are supported.

Thank you!

Hi @jway,
It is planned as part of the next generation of odrive, but I don’t have a drop date for it. If you need to move on a solution right now, then odrive is probably going to be out of the running. My apologies.

Ok thanks Tony. We’ll keep an eye out for feature updates.

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Any update on this key integration???

Boulder, CO.

Hi @david9,
Nothing new to report, yet. We will announce when we do.