G Suite Team Drive Integration



That is a shame. I’ve downgraded my subscription to free and will need to look for another solution. It’s a shame this has not been prioritised. I really liked odrive but it is simply not as useful now.


We need this feature ASAP as well as we are all now on Google Team Drive.

Any status updated would be appreciated.


Hi @henry.reith,
Google Team Drive integration is slated for the next generation odrive product, but I don’t have a timeline to provide on that. We’ll be sure to announce when we have it ready.


Yeah this would be a great feature. Looking forward to it!


Just wanted to add a PLUS 1 to this request in bold type. Very important!


+1 on this integration. I absolutely love ODrive but as more and more companies are moving to Team Drives it renders ODrive a little useless unfortunately. Would love to see this as part of a release in the very near future.


+1 this is critical for us. Any news on timeline? @Tony looks like your last update that there is no update was almost 4 mo ago.


Hi @nate,
I don’t have an update on this, unfortunately. We’re hoping to get it into odrive2 soon.


+1, I am still looking forward for the Team Drive Integration.