Full path in sync status report

Hey @Tony,

I’m back with another small but meaningful feature request regarding the agent/client scriptability. So I am making good progress in creating my own right-click commands for Gnome3 (nautilus scripts) and am thinking about creating my own web interface (that is much quicker to prototype than a [PY]QT systray app) but I don’t find the odrive status --sync_requests output useful at all. The items are basenames and there is no full-path option to pass and make these syncing items identifiable. Could you add this to your list to add small, progressive improvements to the poor but premium linux users who can script, please? :slight_smile:

Hi @vad.viktor,
This is a reasonable request. I will see what can be done here.

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Hey @vad.viktor,
This improvement was released today: Sync Agent and CLI Releases (11-04-2020) Linux, Mac, Windows, ARM (RPi)