Sync Agent and CLI Releases (11-04-2020) Linux, Mac, Windows, ARM (RPi)

Linux 64bit v999/ Linux 32bit v931 / Windows v935 / Mac v949 /ARM 32bit (RPi) v100

This release bring the agent in-line with the desktop client and adds some notable features:

  • Backup feature re-developed and officially supported (beta). Command information here
  • Custom blacklist support for “contains” exclusions (partial match)
  • Advanced client options improvement so that a restart is not required for changes to the general and premium config files to take effect.
  • Better illegal character handling. Allows odrive to display files which exist on remote storage but may have characters that are not allowed by the OS on your local computer. Read more here
  • Placeholder cloud files will show the size of the remote file even though they don’t take up any actual disk space.
  • Full sync logging added to main.log

Lots of performance enhancements, integration improvements, and bug fixes.