Folder Re-Sync'ing


I was wondering if there is a way to mitigate the need to re-Sync folders already on my computer?

The scenario is; I have recently moved to using oDrive; and I already have Dropbox sync’ed with my PC with over 30GB of data. Is it possible for me to link my Dropbox account with oDrive; and then just move the Dropbox folder into oDrive location so it will not have to Re-sync the whole set of data gain ?

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P.S. I love this product, you guys are doing a terrific job.

odrive attempts to reconcile the local and remote data in a way that prevents re-upload of identical data. In most cases it works well, but it will depend on a few factors, including the storage source being used.

My recommendation is to try it on a small subset of the data, before dragging over the entire 30GB, and observe.


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Worked like a charm :smiley: … I am so happy with this product … really love it … I am promoting it everywhere !!!

Great! Thanks for the support!

When you say storage source being used, what do you mean exactly? If I have odrive set on one drive, and my current Google Drive/Dropbox on another, is that going to be a problem?

Do you mean you have the odrive folder on one local drive and Google and Dropbox on another local drive and you are using all 3 clients? This will still work, but you may find that you have redundant data.

odrive is meant to be a replacement client so you only need one for all of your storage, but you can still use the others if you wish.

I just downloaded Odrive, like the original poster had, and I have it on drive X. Google Drive currently syncs to a folder on Drive X. Dropbox currently synchronizes on Drive Z.

I have not consolidated folders to put both the google drive and dropbox contents into the Odrive folder locally, and disable those clients.

Before I do that, I want to ensure it’s not going to cause things to explode.

My recommendation would be the same as it was above for Hany. Start with a small set of data and move it over. See if it produces the effect you want.

Ok, so should I copy over or move over the items from the folder watched by the Dropbox/Google Drive client to the odrive folders?

And should I disable the other clients first, or after I’ve migrated information? Step-by-step instructions on how to do it without breaking things would be good for people who have a lot of business docs that they don’t want to lose in their cloud storage setup.

If you do a move you will want to make sure you are not and will not be running the Google and Dropbox apps anymore or else they will pick up the move as a delete and start deleting the data from the cloud.

Copy is not susceptible to this type of process error, but will consume twice as much storage while you are migrating.

If you have the temporary storage for it, I would recommend copy, and start with a small set of data so that you can observe the behavior and results.

Hi, sorry to bring this up again. I have just had to re-image my machine. I have copied off the oDrive sync folder before the re-image. I then copied it back and re-installed oDrive.

I have noticed that Dropbox is being re-sync’ed from scratch, as if all my files are new and haven’t been sync’ed before. Please can you advise on what the issue maybe coming from ?

How can I help ? Can I send any logs to show what went wrong ?

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Hi @Hany,
Can you tell me the detailed steps you used? The files should not be re-uploading on Dropbox if they already exist under the same name.

I would try this:

  • Close odrive
  • uninstall odrive, which should rename the current odrive folder to a backup name ( How do I uninstall odrive? )
  • install odrive (which should prompt you to login/setup odrive
  • login

Once logged in you will have the dropbox.cloudf folder in your odrive folder. Open this folder and then move in one of the subfolders of your odrive\Dropbox backup, alongside the .cloudf placeholder for that subfolder. The .cloudf file should be removed and the files in the subfolder should start to be marked as synced, without re-upload.

Can you verify that this is the behavior seen?