Folder itself not syncing, only subfolders

When I select a folder to sync on a local drive, and then select destination folder in Amazon cloud drive structure, my folder is not created there, only its subfolders is being created and started to sync, thus messing with remote folders structure. This is not acceptable in most cases. Is it a feature or a bug?

Hi @euggie2000,
Apologies for the confusion. Please take a look at this post and let me know if you have any questions:

Thank you for reply! Actually, it is not really what everyone expects, since for instance I wanted to upload a single folder (/w subfolders) out of big structure and if select its parent folder (to upload this very one) I’ll be in trouble. Other way - I need to create exact folder name directly in Amazon drive and select the local one to upload and point to remote - it’s so much supefluous in my opinion.

I agree that there is room for improvement in the handling/education for this feature. I have submitted this as an item for review by the product team.

I’d agree with the above that this is not expected behaviour, and would prefer the folder was created in the selected destination.