Why is "sync to odrive" uploading my files into the wrong folder?

When I choose a destination using “sync to odrive”, it doesn’t create a new folder at that destination and instead uploads the contents directly into the folder I chose.

The way “sync to odrive” works:
The sync to odrive feature will sync the contents of the local folder you have selected into the remote folder you have selected. It will not create a new folder in the remote location with the same name as your local folder.

For example, let’s say you are using OneDrive as the storage destination. If you wanted to sync your local “Desktop” folder to a remote “Desktop” folder in the OneDrive cloud, you would want to create an Empty “Desktop” folder in OneDrive (OneDrive\Desktop) and then you would point your local “Desktop” folder to that empty remote “Desktop” folder.

You can think of “sync to odrive” as: “Where do you want to sync the contents of this local folder?”.

For more on the “sync to odrive” feature: