Files copied to odrive are not becoming placeholders - Mac

I thought i understood the basic operations of odrive, but I think I’m missing something. I copied a bunch of files into my odrive folder, they were copied up to amazon drive with no problems, but they they never become zero byte place holders files. I thought this was supposed to happen by default.

Hi @darinr,
Turning files into placeholders (unsync), is only done automatically if you set auto-unsync, otherwise it is done manually.

Thank you Tony, I tried to do the unsync and it appears this is not a “free” feature. Is that correct?

Let me rephrase the question. Can you unsync with the free version?

Hi @darinr,
Unsync is part of our Premium feature set. You can take a look at this post for a full run-down of what is Free and what is Premium: What is free vs paid (premium)?

thank you…but I am still confused, it says the placeholder part is free… According to the post:

Everything else is in the free version, including:
Full, automatic, bi-directional sync with placeholders -

Hi @darinr,
That is correct.

Everything starts as a placeholder when you link your storage to odrive. You probably noticed this when you first started using odrive and the odrive folder contained only .cloudf placeholder files. This means that, with free odrive, you can actually browse all of your remote storage as placeholders without needing to download anything locally.

Using unsync to turn a locally cached file/folder into a placeholder is part of the Premium version, however.