"file is not inside an odrive folder" - but it is

My usual script is not working, reporting that a file is not inside an odrive folder, when it is - and odrive has been syncing happily for some time.

I tried checking the mount. Here are two lines of input and the response from my command line:

paul@paul-PC-X000630:~$ python “$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive.py” mount “./C” “/Google Drive”
Unable to sync /home/paul/C Already an odrive folder.
paul@paul-PC-X000630:~$ python “$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive.py” sync “./C/Event/CiS_Science_Not_Enough_190621_Notes.txt.cloud”
Unable to sync CiS_Science_Not_Enou…0621_Notes.txt.cloud. This file is not inside an odrive folder.

Any ideas where the problem is?

Hi @hazeldens,
Sorry for the trouble.

To fix this you should just have to run the “authenticate” command again.

This post has more details on this issue:

Thank you - problem fixed.

One slight hiccup - at one point, when I tried to log in to the Odrive account, it did not recognise me. Another side-effect? But managed to work around it. Up and running again.

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Hi @hazeldens,
There shouldn’t be any issue with logging in. What was the error you saw? Are you still seeing it?

When I clicked on ‘sign in’ and selected sign in via my Google account as usual, when I clicked on the Google email address for the account, it said that there was no odrive account associated with that email address. I have not tried it since, as I am already logged in and currently reluctant to log out quickly in case I need to do or check anything else.

Hi @hazeldens,
No worries! Feel free to ping me here on the forum if this comes up, once you try to login to the web again, and we can investigate further.