Loss of session on odrive agents (file is not inside an odrive folder)- 2019-06-22

If you are using an odrive agent (linux, mac, windows), you may have lost your session and been logged out on the agent. When this happens you may see a “file is not inside an odrive folder” message when trying to “sync”, or have no listing returned when you issue a “refresh” command.

This was a side-effect of the new server-side push we made last night. There was an existing, previously unidentified bug in the agents that misidentified the version to the server. The server then flagged the client as a disabled version.

We have made a correction to prevent this from happening, going forward.

To log back into the agent, run the “authenticate” agent command, supplying your auth key. As a reminder, you can view your auth key from here: https://www.odrive.com/account/authcodes

If you still see an issue have re authenticating, try restarting the odrive agent.

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