Excessive FinderSyncExtension processes and cpu load on OSX10.15

Hello - I understand that OSX 10.15 Catalina isn’t supported yet so take this as a FYI.

I’m getting (over time) many FinderSyncExtension processes (from odrive) which end up taking up half my 18 core CPU. I saw the post regarding Samba, this is not on a samba server. If I try to reboot the machine while there are FinderSyncExtension processes it hangs.

I didn’t have this issue before upgrading to 10.15. Any quick tips would be handy and I’m happy to do any testing.



Hi @joe1,
Thanks for posting. We are currently trying to get out a new desktop release and then we’ll start looking at 10.15.

If you toggle the odrive extension off in System Preferences -> Extensions and “Relaunch” Finder by holding down the option key and right-clicking on the Finder icon in the Dock, do the processes remain or are they exited after a few seconds?

It is normal to see multiple instances of the odrive Finder Extension since MacOS will launch new instances for apps that use a Finder instance and it can also happen when opening multiple Finder windows. What are the apps you are using the most on your system and do any of them offer a Finder window for browsing/saving files?

Hey Tony, thanks for your response.

I’ve done what you said and it got rid of all the FinderSyncExtension processes. I’ll let you know if they come back.

Thanks again!


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Just doing some housekeeping and pointing this back to the solution:

Thanks Tony, everything’s working perfectly since the fix.