Error updating the folder. Size Mismatch

I am trying to sync odrive and it seems to stop after getting the error Error updating the folder. Size Mismatch. I have tried several things and confirmed that it stops syncing. I rebooted several times and was able to find the file that was causing issues and manually synced it by opening it, but then the error would continue on other files. After doing this I get a sync error try again later message and sync would stop. I let the computer run for hours to confirm that syncing stopped. Any thoughts?

Hi @mmladin,
odrive has a check to make sure that downloads are the correct size, as reported by the remote storage so we don’t end up storing incomplete downloads. Unfortunately we have seen that some storage providers will actually record the size incorrectly, which will always fail this check.

In our recent versions of software, we added an advanced setting that will allow you to ignore this check. We don’t recommend having it on all the time, but it can be helpful for file that have been recorded incorrectly. To set this, open up the odrive_user_general_conf.txt file in the root of the odrive folder. For the parameter "ignoreSizeMismatch": false change the false to true, save the file, and restart odrive.

Alternatively, you can also try running a script using the odrive CLI. This script will basically power through troublesome files until they are the only ones left (then it will retry those forever, so you’ll want to keep an eye on things when you get to that point). All the details for accomplishing this are here:

Thanks for the info. I was starting at the top most folder. When this wasn’t working, I did the sync from lower levels. That worked for about 99% of the files. Thanks for the quick response. I’m good now.

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Thanks for the follow-up @mmladin! Glad to hear you have things sorted out.

Why not, what potential consequences might occur? Do ‘incomplete downloads’ actually happen quite often, and is the size check implemented the only way odrive is aware of these?

New odrive user here, and found that I needed to turn this on to sync a significant number (but nowhere near all) of my files in a personal OneDrive account. Going to turn it back off as you suggest, but I assume I will run into this again at some future point and have to toggle it on\off again.

Hi @fnielsen,

It should be rare, but it can happen. Generally truncated downloads would be caught via the lower-level communications protocol and error out (which will then retry), but we have seen cases where the transaction looks to have been completed successfully, but the file was truncated. Again, this is very rare, but we wanted to add an extra check to make sure that the files you are trying to download are validated to mitigate the chance of ending up with a corrupted download.

If the storage service is doing its job correctly, it should be reporting the proper file size… but this is not always the case with some providers, as you have seen.

Hopefully this was only happening with a handful of files and you won’t run into it very often.

where should this file be on Windows 10 (running odrive build 6452)? More specifically: I’ve searched my whole drive for it, it’s definitely not there.

Hi @fnielsen,
It will be in the same place. If you don’t see it in the root of your default odrive folder (C:\Users[Your User Name]\odrive, if you haven’t moved it), try restarting odrive. These advanced files are not created on the very first run of the software.

that was the problem.

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