Encryption issues (password and access)

hi @Tony
I encrypted one of my folder in amazon drive and in pc i set a password on encrypted folder ok?so how does it works exacctly? because i can access all of files and filders of this encrypted folder via amazon client drive -amazon web application and etc
and it dosent question for set password to enter that
please help me for doing and passwording my folders that when i wanna to enter them i must be set a right password to enter them

Hi @karmania,
If the files were put into the odrive\Encryptor folder, then they should be encrypted in the cloud, in the location you chose for that Encryptor folder. Can you provide a few screenshots of what you are seeing so I can better understand where the issue is?


Hi @tony
i wanna encyption my “Video” folder from my amazon drive that when i wanna enter to it i must be enter the password so i encrypted it via odrive
but i can access this folder still in amazon webclient and app drive and odrive client
in encrption folder its empty

Hi @karmania,
Currently odrive will only encrypt items that are loaded into the Encryptor folder, and not encrypt items that are already in the cloud in an unencrypted state. Our next version of encryption (coming soon), will allow you a lot more flexibility for encrypting your content.

If you want to encrypt your videos you will need to download them to your computer first and then copy/move them into the Encryptor folder. odrive will then encrypt them and upload them to Amazon Drive.

hi @tony
ok i copy some files in encrypted folder
and i saw them in amazon cloud drive encrypted unknown file
so i can only download them via odrive in my windows
but i if i set the right password once everytime i can get in encrypted folder
is there any way that everytime i get in encrypted folder ask me about password? because maybe some one work with my pc

Hi @karmania,
The ability to lock items on the computer is something we are adding to the next version. Here is a thread that discusses your use case:

@tony ok thanks :slight_smile:

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