Dropbox rate limiting

My odrive has been syncing super slowly - like it’s taking weeks for it to resync my lightroom catalog:

2023-07-09_12:15:03PM 13040295936 13120221184 RAISED apply_remote_add_folder([u'parentUri=/4f142644-096e-41b9-a8aa-cbf1a287f509-59dde8b3//apps/readynas/maxbookapt-pictures/nas archive/catalog/lightroom catalog-2022-v12 previews.lrdata/6', u"localAttributesTree=localAttr=FileAttributes(id=u'16777231:9366331', name=u'6467', isFolder=True, size=64, modTime=1682097509, uri=u'/Users/maxf/odrive/Dropbox/Apps/ReadyNAS/MaxBookApt-Pictures/NAS archive/Catalog/Lightroom Catalog-2022-v12 Previews.lrdata/6/6467', contentTag=None), remoteUri=None"]) SystemException(code DB_RATE_LIMIT_REACHED caused by DropboxRateLimitingException(code DB_RATE_LIMIT_REACHED - {"error_summary": "too_many_write_operations/.", "error": {"reason": {".tag": "too_many_write_operations"}}}))

It looks like odrive is triggering some sort of dropbox rate limits. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any way around it?

Hi @mfriedm,

It looks like odrive is triggering some sort of dropbox rate limits.

That is correct. Dropbox is enforcing a limit on your uploads to their storage. Lightroom catalogs are notorious for having gigantic, sprawling structures with tens of thousands of folders and hundreds of thousands of files inside.

It looks like odrive is uploading as fast as Dropbox is allowing. I know some folks will exclude certain Lightroom structures, like “Previews” lrdata folders, using our advanced custom ignore feature:

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