Dropbox Rate Limiting Exceptions

I’ve been in and out of odrive as my primary sync for several years, listening to contorted justifications on why 1. this app isnt yet apple silicon native and pretending it doesn’t matter, while simultaneously blaming dropbox throttling/rate limiting for the fact that i haven’t had one full sync in ages work.

It’s not true people. I spoke to dropbox. They swear they are not limiting this… and after migrating to Maestral, i believe them. I’ve synced the entirety of my local drive to dropbox without hiccup, which odrive couldnt’ do to save it’s life.

Odrive. Give me a fix, or cancel my subscription. Full stop

Hi @ben2,
I am sorry to hear that you are having issues using odrive with Dropbox. We can certainly investigate, if you are willing. We can also assist with cancelling your subscription, if you are unhappy with the service. Just send an e-mail to support@odrive.com.

I can’t speak to your conversations with Dropbox, but the messages from any HTTP 429 response returned by Dropbox will be shown in the odrive sync activity log (shown as a DropboxRateLimitingException). These messages are coming directly from Dropbox as a response to a request the odrive client is making. I can assure you that we are not just making them up.

They reference differences between user limits and app limits/org limits… perhaps you’re limited by your entire org vs my own personal limits??

Hi @ben2,
We would need to look at a diagnostic (or you can post what you are seeing in the sync activity log) to understand the errors you are seeing. If it was a general Dropbox limit imposed globally on odrive then I would expect more odrive users to be reporting this, and we haven’t seen that.