"Does not exist" error with pcloud

Hi, I have the same problem. It is not fixed?

Hi @marco.casalegno,
This issue was fixed last year, so it may be something else you are seeing. Can you reproduce the issue and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

This will also create a file called “current_odrive_status.txt” in the odrive folder. Can you direct message that to me by clicking on my name and then clicking on “Message”?

Hi @Tony.
in fact, I have follow the suggestion to change the machine time zone and the error does not appear.
Then I’have re set the time zone to correct one for me, and for now, I can work well.
I’have try to unlink the folder and re link and it work correctly.

So for now… for me it’s ok.

Today again.

Now I send you che file status. Thankyou

Hi @marco.casalegno,
I moved this over to a new thread because it seems to be a different issue than the one dealing with timezone. I tested my pcloud account with alternate timezones and did not encounter any issues.

Looking at the diagnostic information, the error you are seeing is due to the pCloud server returning a “Not Found” error when requesting these items.

Are you able to browse these items from the odrive web client? (https://www.odrive.com)