Odrive Desktop not working with pCloud

I’ve connected my pCloud account using webdav. It works fine on the odrive online, however it doesn’t open up on the PC and gives the following error-

Unable to sync pCloud.cloudf.
Unexpected error. Please try again later.

I’ve closed and opened it several times.

Hi @4abhinavjain,
Can you trigger the error again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

Also, can you take a screenshot of the root of the pCloud drive when you look at it from the odrive web client?


Hi Tony,

Thanks, I’ve sent the diagnostics and attached is the screenshot.

Thanks @4abhinavjain,
I see what the issue is. Its a weird aberration in Windows when calculating the date. A way to work around this is to do the following:

Temporarily change your Windows machine time zone to UTC-08:00 Pacific Time (US & Canada), Exit and re-launch odrive app and then try to expand the pcloud placeholder folder.

You can change your time zone back to its original state after expanding pcloud folder and it should start working from there without need to change time zone in future.

Can you give this a shot?

Hello @Tony,

I received the same error as describe above. I tried your workaround and it works, but it does not persist. After I change the time zone back to my time zone and restart the PC/Odrive then the above error occurs.


Ahh. I didn’t test after a restart. Thanks for the additional info. I will check on the possibility of working around this issue somehow.

Bump on this as this issue still perseveres!

Hi @Alen.Alempijevic,
This issue was addressed in a previous release: Desktop and Web Releases (12-04-2017) Win v.6284 / Mac v.6352

Have you installed the latest version of the client? https://docs.odrive.com/docs#section--install-desktop-sync-

Hi Tony,

Got it, I’m on Win v6252.

Sorry to tack onto this with a different question, but I presumed that the client is silently updated to most recent release? Is this not the case?

Hi @Alen.Alempijevic,
That is the general idea, but we are behind on the autoupdater. I expect we should be pushing one out soon, but you can always make sure you have the latest by checking the Release Notes section.

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