Desktop Release (11-21-2016)

Happy Monday!

The Win v.6045 / Mac v.6103 release is a bug fix release with these goodies:

  • Sync to odrive premium feature fix for detecting existing matching destination folder (or subfolder)–the comparison should be case insensitive.
  • Mac syncing behavior with certain files and folders with UTF-8 characters in their filenames.
  • Lots of FTP integration fixes.
  • WebDAV integration fixes to work better with IIS.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive detection of remote changes improvement.

It hasn’t been pushed to the autoupdater yet (probably in a day or two), so please grab the build here if you don’t want to wait.



FYI, the next release from 11-28-2016 has been pushed to the autoupdater, so all users should get these fixes with that push as well.