Desktop Release (05-17-2018) Win v.6317 / Mac v.6386

Hi folks,

New desktop builds are out.

UPDATE: The autoupdater has been pushed, so Windows and Mac users should have the changes shortly. (if you don’t already have it by now).

Win v.6317 / Mac v.6386 has these bug fixes:

  • OneDrive for Business: progressive backoff for rate limiting (should greatly enhance the OneDrive for Business experience now since Microsoft started to aggressively rate limit)
  • OneDrive for Business: removed # % + & chars from the illegal characters list
  • Improved confirmation of download size
  • Encryption fixes for Dropbox and SFTP
  • Windows right-click context menu shouldn’t hang for a while anymore when odrive isn’t running
  • Fixed network “noise” that was experienced on some Windows systems


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