Constant Bandwidth Usage After Sync Complete


I’m a new user, testing out odrive. I’m on Mac and linked to my Amazon Cloud Drive account. I had odrive sync a folder of pictures. This took a few hours. Now it is done; the menubar icon is black and the checkmarks in the Finder file list are blue.

However, using Little Snitch, I can see a constant 10K/sec upload and 20K/sec download to This has been going on for the past several hours. Even after clicking ‘Stop Automatic Sync’, I can still see the same usage.

When I actually quit odrive, the bandwidth usage stops.

What is odrive doing? Why is there any data being transferred (in either direction) once things are in sync?

Opening the app back up, the bandwidth usage resumes, again, even though everything is in sync.


Hi @odrive7,
It isn’t abnormal to have some traffic, especially if there is a lot of data for odrive to monitor for changes. I would expect this to stop after a little while, though, and then you may see some periodic traffic.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?


Hello Tony,
I sent the diagnostics just now. I was out of town and got back home last night. A few minutes ago, I opened odrive. Immediately seeing constant bandwidth usage despite the fact that the sync icons are all good. I’m testing this out for my mother who lives in the country and has extremely limited bandwidth. If she’s going to be having this constant usage, that’s unacceptable and I won’t recommend this to her. Data should only be transferring when changes happen.


Hello Tony,
Please watch my screencast here showing my issue:


Hi @odrive7,
When starting odrive you will always see a lot of network activity because odrive will be reaching out to verify that every exposed folder is in sync. From the diagnostic it looks like you have about 6400 folders in scope, locally, so that is a fair bit of checking. During this period you will not see any odrive icon activity. The thinking behind this is that it is just background checking and the user doesn’t need to be bothered with it while it is happening, as this can cause confusion when there isn’t any apparent transfer or local filesystem activity.

I just ran a test with about 1500 folders in Amazon Drive and the background activity took about 10 minutes to fully finish. During that time activity is heavy, although the payload is fairly low. After that there will be sporadic activity, depending on the number and type of links you have.

odrive is an active syncing engine, and it attempts to give the user an experience that quickly responds to changes. This means its never going to be completely idle for very long. It can also be “heavy” at times. This may be especially true if you are using odrive for more for backup, and less for full, always active sync. (Some more of my thoughts on that: Backup (one-way sync))

We are currently working on optimizing the bandwidth use and background actions, so I expect things to get more lightweight in future releases. Additionally, our forthcoming backup will cater to certain datasets/use cases better than sync. For you mother, if she has metered bandwidth, then this could impact here. If her issue is more just slow speeds, I wouldn’t expect this to affect her too much, especially if she has a smaller dataset than you to work with.


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