Odrive consuming upload bandwidth

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that over the past month Odrive has managed to eat up 350+GB worth of bandwidth where majority of it is in upload. i’m currently sitting at about 14GB/day in upload and 1GB/day in download. Why is odrive constantly using so much bandwidth?

I really love the product but this bandwidth usage is quite shocking. I’ve been using odrive for several months now and this is the first time when i’ve gotten anywhere close to my bandwidth limit.


Hi @rpuscasu,
14GB a day certainly sounds like a lot more than the background activity.

Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?
Do you see anything in the odrive menu under active, waiting, or not allowed?

Diagnostic information has been sent.

Hi @rpuscasu,
There are a few files that are being denied upload by Google because of insufficient permissions. odrive will periodically retry these files to see if the issue blocking upload has been resolved. This will contribute to the upload activity.

You can see these files listed in the “not allowed” section of the odrive menu. Can you take a look? It appears that you may not have write-access on these particular files.

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Hi, I am experiencing the same problem. Although no large file has been updated, odrive uploads data continuously (already 2,7GB today). I have no unallowed files, but 195 in the trash bin that I cannot exclude (the Empty trash and sync all deletes does not work). Any help is welcome. Is there any way to chek which files are being uploaded (it cannot be the simple task of checking the file structure or updates)?

Hi @nicolas2,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look? Can you also try to empty the trash before sending the diagnostic?

Just ping this thread once you are able to.

I just sent it. The trash is now up to 190 files… What can be causing this? Am I losing files? Is there a way to recover them all at once, insteda of goping through them one b y one?

Hi @nicolas2,
I took a look and I see a few things:

  • You are currently uploading a large pst file, which is consuming upload bandwidth. This may be what you were seeing for upload utilization.
  • The items in the trash may be the result of a move attempt. odrive does its best to “optimize” moves, but its an imperfect process. odrive can only look at the local filesystem to determine what changes have been made. This is done at certain intervals, or when the operating system notifies the odrive app that a change has been made in a certain area. Depending on where in the structure this is, and what other sync operations are occurring at the time, odrive can end up picking up a move as an add and delete, instead of a move. When this happens, odrive will pick-up the moved items as “new” items and upload them in the new location. It will pick up the absence of the moved items in the original location as “deleted” items, and add them to the odrive trash for future processing.

If you are dealing with large structures and want to move a lot of things around, it can be better to close odrive, make the moves, and the start odrive again so that odrive has a better chance of being able to correlate the “adds” and “deletes” and turn them into moves.

If you have been moving items around recently, this could explain both the uploading and the trash items you are seeing if the moves were not able to be optimized.

This is actually a feature that will be going into an upcoming release, but it is not available quite yet.

Thanks Tony. I identified the pst file, and will exclude it from the drive - although it is a archive copy, Outlook modifies it anytime it is open, hence the sync. Regarding the trash, will I be losing the files if I exclude them?

Hi @nicolas2,
I sent you a private message with a list of the trash items so you can take a better look and see if those are intentional local deletes.

Tony, this list might refer to files that have been moved, not deleted. Have they been moved and the original copy is not being deleted? If I clear the trash bin, shall i lose the files, or is the destination copy safe?

Hi @nicolas2,
Yes, since the files were moved they should’ve been uploaded in the new location. You can perform a spot-check on some of the items in the new location just to make sure things look okay.

Also keep in mind that when you delete the odrive trash, it will send those deleted items to the OneDrive Recycle Bin, so you can still recover them there. odrive is very cautious with deletes, so it implements multiple “safe-guards” to prevent unintentional deletes. More on OneDrive Recycle Bin here: