_config.txt files in root of odrive folder (Win10)


I’ve just noticed that there are two configuration files in the root folder of my odrive. Both by their name and content, they appear to be configuration files used by odrive itself:


My questions are, why have these suddenly appeared, are they in use and should they be hidden?

They appear to have been created around 21st December and I do not recall seeing them before.


Hi @dazjjackson,
These config files were added in our release on 12-14.

These files allow for some advanced configuration of odrive behavior, if desired/needed. They are loaded on odrive startup, but come with default settings. You can make them hidden, if you wish.


Hi @Tony,

Thanks for getting back to me - As long as they are supposed to be there I’m happy.


I see the same files on MacOS (10.14.3). I presume the same answer applies… but it seems pretty strange and potentially risky to have configuration files in this folder, rather than in /Library/Preferences (or ~/Library/Preferences). Is there a plan to tidy this up at some point?


Hi @andrew,
Yes they are expected to be there.

If they are deleted they will be automatically regenerated with the default values.

This location was decided on because if it accessible, but not obtrusive, and allows users to edit them easily. It also keeps them in view enough that don’t completely forget about them if they have set a non-default value. Generally you don’t need to touch these files, but they can be very helpful when you do.