Can't Sync entire Amazon folder


I have been trying to sync back locally my Amazon top level folder for the last couple of weeks but things always end up failing with “Can’t sync <folder_name>” and “Unexpected error. Please try again later”. Things are making progress as I am retrying but always end up failing again. The only thing I am trying to do is to sync recursively the top level Amazon folder on my odrive.

Is there any logs that would shed some light on that failure?


This sounds similar to the issue in this thread here: AND again no full sync = second time

The gist is that Amazon is throwing errors that stop the recursive download process and require it to be kicked off again. We plan to adjust behavior to try to plow through more errors that are considered transient in nature. We currently do for some exceptions, but not all.

The larger the amount of data to be downloaded, the more likely you are to hit some sort of error that stops the processing. Restarting the sync will continue on, as you have seen.

How much data are you attempting to download?

Thanks for the reply Tony. I would say 200 GB or something.

Appreciate the follow-up. This is something we have on our short list to improve. For now, hopefully its not too much of a pain to restart it when it hits an exception that stops the op.