AND again no full sync = second time

yesterday I set up my notebook in case of HDD change. New win10 home with fresh install of odrive.with no data on the notebook. I set the directory to be seen in unbekann.jpg

and as syncing needs time, the NB was up the whole night. Checkup today -many files not fully synced and also not all subdirectories synced. Even if you look into odrive conifg of the ofher sub dirs “Save and apply to new files and folders” (see unbekantt1 +3) are not on.
I sent in the report, but your service is relay a banana service.Works only for not looking users.

The save and apply checkmark is not shown because the settings are inherited. You can set them on individual files and folders if you want the settings to differ from the upstream settings.

I am taking a look at the diagnostics. I see OneDrive returning many errors (Busy and Network Connection errors) and I’m going to explore the impact those would have on this operation.

Did you see any errors displayed after initiating the sync all?

Next chek today, Odrive up and running. But no automatic sync (like the last time), again manual sync. Lets see how it works.

We’ve identified some error handling improvements that will make the this action more resilient to source exceptions. The intention is to continue retrying unless a fatal exception occurs.

In the meantime, we could probably use a CLI script to get through the bulk download, at which point anything new will be picked-up because of your folder sync rules.