Can't login with ODrive ID and password

I tried to use the Mac desktop client on a new computer. When I tried to sign in I was only given the option of using the various services (Google, Dropbox, etc.). So I used Google with my gmail account. It did not link to my existing paid account.

I was able to login to my web account by using my ODrive ID and password. So I can see my active paid account, but have no way of getting there with the desktop client. I was surprised to see no username/password option for logging in.

Any suggestions?

Hi @gary.potterfield,
Apologies for the trouble. We took a look at your account. It looks like you use both odrive1 and odrive2, which use different login methods. This can cause some confusion when switching between them.

Your odrive1 account uses a Google account, but it looks like it may be different than the one you are referencing above. I will send that information to you directly so you can give that a try.

Thanks. I appreciate the help.

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