Unable to login with Google account

Please help me, I’m trying to log in with a Google Drive account and it won’t let me.

I am using it in Linux Ubuntu 19.10

Hello @argenchemicalsrl,
Unfortunately it looks like you are trying to use a client named “OpenDrive”, which is a product that is not associated with us, in any way.

You will need to check with them for a solution to this, but it looks like others are complaining of the same issue here: https://github.com/liberodark/ODrive/issues/147

The documentation for our, working odrive Linux Sync Agent and CLI can be found here: Agent/CLI (Linux, MacOS, Win)

Hi @argenchemicalsrl,
I also wanted to add that you can find our supported Linux agent, which you can use for free, here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/odrive-sync-agent

so?? we dont have a solution?? tahnks!!!

Hi @leoale,
Since it isn’t our product, we cannot offer any solutions for it, but you are welcome to try out our Linux CLI agent.