Can't link HiDrive

Hey guys, I’m not sure what my deal is, but I can’t for the life of me link my HiDrive account to odrive. Here’s the error I get every time I input my username and password: “Invalid SSL certificate. Name Mismatch.” What gives? Is this user error or is something amiss with the bromance between odrive and HiDrive?


What is the URL you are trying to connect to? The name mismatch error indicates that the common name (domain name) in the SSL certificate doesn’t match the address that you have entered in the Server field. Please be sure to enter it exactly as described by the cloud service provider in the proper format (e.g.

You can also disable the SSL requirement by unchecking the Require Valid SSL Certificate option above the link button if the issue persists.

I’m using odrive’s link: My odrive > Get more links > HiDrive. Once I click HiDrive, I’m prompted to put in my credentials. This is where I get the error.

Hi @Lu_Je, thanks for the clarification! For some reason I thought you were trying to connect using WebDav! I’ll see if we can dig in to this a bit more and follow up!

If it’s helpful, I’m running OS X Yosemite using Google Chrome.


Could you try one more time so we can check the sever logs? I just tested with our company account and a new free account I just created and was able to link without any issue.

Just tried it again. Same error. I should probably mention that I tried using both Google Chrome and Safari. Any other type of info that might be helpful troubleshooting this?


A quick look shows the period “.” in your user name may be what is causing the error, as it causes issues with their login URL and SSL. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to fix this on our end, but you can try signing in using the WebDav Link option with SSL disabled, or try changing your username to one without any special characters in it to see if that helps!

Changed my username to leave out the “.” Problem solved! Thanks!

Fantastic, glad to hear you got it working! I look forward to your thoughts and feedback while using odrive!